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I know one of the burning questions you have is “What does Charlie Bucket Cycles use as their preferred bicycle of choice?”  Well, the answer is going to depend on who you ask.  You’re not going to get three different answers though.  Just two.  One of us is the odd one out.  Yup, it’s me, James.

What James rides:

Marinoni VR2 with Campagnolo Eurus wheel set

My road bike is a Marinoni VR2, designed in Québec, but in this case branded as Gianella, the terrific bike shop that supplied me with it.  It is a full carbon frame complete with Columbus forks, FSA flat-top carbon bars and Campagnolo Chorus 10-speed groupo.  The wheelset is the FSA RD600 clinchers which although quite light tend to have an issue with the spokes.  Mind you, I should not complain if I pop one or two after close to 20,000 km on them.

My 2011 Kona Paddywagon

My other bike is a fixed gear 2011 Kona Paddywagon.  I got it for commuting the 50 km round trip to the office and I have not stopped riding it since I started pedalling.  If you haven’t tried riding a fixie, I highly recommend the experience.  One thing though, don’t forget that your legs are directly linked to the forward momentum of the bicycle, so don’t try and coast!

What Andy rides:

Andy's Cervélo R3

Principal set of wheels is a 2010 Cervélo R3.  Yeah, that’s right.  Pretty awesome bike and one of the most coveted in the professional peloton.  I hate to admit it but I think he is even faster on this bike than he was on the old one.  The only question that remains is how fast can he actually go if we weren’t around to slow him down?  Well we’ll never really know will we?  Because if we’re not there to see him ride faster than a speeding bullet, who’s to say he did?

What Paul rides:

Paul's 2011 Cervélo RC

Some call him the “Old Man of the Lake”.  Others have been known to call him by his native name, “Man with Hummingbird Legs”.  We prefer to call him almost anything except Paul.  He is the experienced wise man of the group and both Andy and I learn something from him almost every ride.  Very knowledgeable not only about the bikes themselves, but also about what’s going on in the biking world, he is a font of tid bits and anecdotes.  He’s also a handy jazz drummer.

Both Andy and Paul have Shimano groupos on their R3s, something which I have to forgive them.  Not everyone can have Campy I suppose.  They also have Shimano wheel sets on their bikes.  Do you think they have shares in the company or something?

As and when we are fortunate enough to acquire new gear, we’ll be sure to post the exciting news up on this page.  So be sure to come back and visit often.

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