What are you going to find here?  Well, pretty much anything we want to post that’s relevant to cycling, but not limited to our personal experiences.  The posts are littered with photos that depict our riding to you.  No, here you will find fun stuff that we just want to share and that can’t be expressed properly in words.  So, we’ll let the pictures do all the talking.

I’ll start things of with this beauty from the Tour de Suisse last year (2010).  Cav’s wheel appears to have melted into the tarmac.  A complete structural failure at over 60 kph has to be a spinter’s worst nightmare.  He was fortunate to escape with only bruises.

The new folding wheel……NOT!

Were on to you helmet manufacturers……We demand no more looking like this !

“helmet head affliction”

Ultimate drafting.

That bonking feelin

you’ve met them..

not a good ending..

When will the verdict come?

Home town.


no caption needed

waiting for our ride

shortcut to the startline

Won’t be seeing this team next year.

keeping calm before the start


Matt Goss

Simon Gerrans..winner in Quebec


Yup they are that dope control?

Nordhaug the eventual winner.

What is Johnny doing with the big fella while Sagan innocently rides by.

Nice paint job for the Giro winners ride.

Peleton North on Parc Ave





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  1. sluggo says:

    BTW, you should NEVER use WD-40 on your bike. It will corrode the aluminum parts. The flow chart is not endorsed by Sluggo or Paul.

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