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Greatest Drummer Songs

There are countless songs out there that feature a cool break or a rhythm that you can’t get out of your head for the rest of the day. I could name a bunch that play over and over in my … Continue reading

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Who Is Richard Starkey?

I remember when I was young and into The Beatles, Ringo Starr was the drummer to listen to. As I grew up, I began to think that he wasn’t much of a drummer. In fact, in debates with friends as … Continue reading

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Born Again Skateboards

I thought of Sluggo immediately when I saw this article today. What a brilliant way for a skateboard to have a second life when perhaps the one spent under its owner’s feet is passed.

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F1 and ProCycling to Merge?

Well, this would be a dream come true, certainly if it had happened at the peak of my F1 supporting days, say some ten years ago.

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No More Pinch Flats?

I came across this pretty interesting article just now, and I started to think how brilliant this would be, especially for a road bike.

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One of the More Painful Climbs

At least according to this excellent review on the col from The Inner Ring.The Col de Marie Blanque. A climb to be feared. In fact, a climb that may necessitate an extra sprocket in your rear cassette. And no need … Continue reading

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The Mighty Poutine

Much has been written in cycling circles about the restorative powers of the mighty Quebec delicacy Poutine. What is Poutine? I hear you ask. Good question indeed. It is french fries (chips to some of you), always slightly thick-cut and … Continue reading

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The Power of Pedalling

Last week I lost my job after six and half years. It’s OK, really it is. Mind you, if you’d asked me that question on the day I would likely have lamented that it was the end of the world, … Continue reading

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We’ve moved!

A quick note to let you all know that we’ve just moved to a new self-hosted platform here at Charlie Bucket Cycles. We have done this for a number of reasons, some of which will become apparent in due course … Continue reading

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