Hell is a bike in the wind in -13c!

At least it felt like hell for the first little while. Until everything numbed up. If you caught yesterday’s post you’ll recall me mentioning that I would probably be commuting in as usual on the fixed gear. What I had not shared was the intense cold that was forecast, I suppose as a way of providing me an out should I change my mind.

There was no changing my mind though, principally because I had no car that I could take. Marie was already out at the gym at the crack of dawn in her car, and my Fiat has decided to stop running, albeit temporarily I hope, and so the only way to get to work today was on two wheels. So much like yesterday, I bundled up in multiple layers, pulled on the skullcap and added an old scarf that would act as a barrier for most of my completely exposed face. What with it being a good 6c cooler than yesterday, I felt this was going to be important. I was right.

Cold Commute Nov 25

But I am not complaining. Honest I’m not. Within 750 metres I was staring at the beautiful Lac St. Louis. In the distance you could see the ‘steam’ rising off the lake as the icy cold air came into contact with the warmer water. It’s a shame that you can’t see that in the shot above. Regular readers will know that the entire 25 km commute is along the St. Lawrence river, so what you see above is basically the view the whole way to work. Except, of course, that over the 50 minutes or so I get to see the sun climb higher in the sky.

By the time I got to work, my scarf had frozen into the shape of my face so it was staying put by virtue of the fact that it was essentially moulded to my nose. My fingertips were quite numb, my toes as well, but surprisingly the scarf did a terrific job at keeping my face warm.

Tomorrow we’re expecting snow. I draw the line at snow. Only because I have no desire to battle with commuter traffic, which, dicey in the best conditions, becomes quite lethal when the first snow comes to town.

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4 Responses to Hell is a bike in the wind in -13c!

  1. Grant, UK says:

    Wow. Epic James.

    And mental.

    • James says:

      Yeah it was rough, but once you’re moving and ‘up to temperature’ it’s amazingly not that bad. We’re supposed to be getting 20 cm of snow starting this evening, so that may have been the last outdoor ride until March!

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