Charlie Bucket takes on Mont Sutton

We had many reasons to be excited about this ride. To start with, it had been a while since we rode together, busy lives getting in the way. Secondly, we were heading out of town and that’s always fun. Exploring new roads, or less travelled roads I should say, breaks up the repetitiveness of some of the riding we do on home turf.

There was a third reason to be excited: our friend Richard H had lent me his GoPro Hero HD video camera. Yah, that’s the one, those awesome little cameras that attach onto your bike/helmet/whatever and capture the action as you live it! I have seen the demo videos and a good selection of user submitted films, and I have to say they are impressive. In fact, Richard showed me a couple of his kite-surfing videos when I went to pick it up. It’s like you’re on the board with him! So, it was with trembling fingers that I installed the camera on the Marinoni.


Sutton is in the Eastern Townships, not surprisingly to the south-east of Montreal. Close to the US border, it is a skiing getaway in the winter, and a cycling/hiking paradise in the summer. This time of year it is especially beautiful as the leaves are all going from green to red to gold to brown.


It took us about an hour and twenty to get down to Sutton, time that passed quickly as we caught up on each other’s news while listening to the Foo Fighters to get us in performance mode. We pulled into the public parking lot and started getting the bikes back together as well as ourselves. A quick visit to the only Port-o-let in sight to flush the several coffees consumed en route almost resulted in me losing my breakfast. The unholy stench was unmatched by anything I have ever assaulted my nose with in all my forty-one years, and it was all I could do to piss straight. I did warn Andy, but he went in there after me and came out looking decidedly green!

So here is the route: 100 km round trip, starting and ending in the postcard town of Sutton.

At kilometre 84, starting at the bottom left point closest to the Vermont border, there is a bastard of a climb that starts. Andy calls it ‘The Wall’ and you can see why when you look at the elevation below. It’s 4 km of thigh-burning pleasure, and coming this late in the ride you feel it. The final descent of seven clicks into Sutton is small relief to the tiring pins, but somehow you still can’t wipe the grin off your face.

This ride really tests your legs, especially when you hit ‘The Wall’ at the end!

Enough of me talking about it though. Why don’t you see for yourself. We chose a Foo Fighter song because a) they are rocking and b) we had been listening to them the whole drive up (and most of the drive back) and so they were kind of the ‘band of the day’. We had a brilliant time, and I hope you get a sense of that when you watch our short.

Sutton Century October 7 2012 from James Warne on Vimeo.

Oh, one thing, all the footage comes from the first 14 minutes of the ride. Then the camera stopped with a ‘FULL” sign on the tiny little screen. Nothing to do on the spot to remedy this of course, but upon returning home a reformatting of the disk was required to free up about 14Gb of the 16Gb card. Thanks Richard for assisting with the troubleshooting!

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7 Responses to Charlie Bucket takes on Mont Sutton

  1. Steve says:

    Fantastic! A climb that steep at the very end of a ride just isn’t right. I enjoyed the video. How do you embed it into WordPress? Have you purchased the upgrade?

    • James says:

      Hi Steve – so glad you enjoyed the little film. I have not upgraded and so you should be able to do this to. When on the video in Vimeo, you can click on the ‘share’ button that appears when you hover in he top right of the video window. Clicking on that reveals a few things, one being the HTML code to embed the video into your post.

      Simply copy this, go back to your post, and paste it into the HTML tab of the editing window. This is not the default view, but it is easy to switch to it with the tabs.

      When you go back to normal view, it will appear as a beige box – fear not! Upon doing a preview you’ll see the video neatly embedded in your post!

  2. Rollo says:

    Looks like a great ride. Nice to see some different countryside (and seasons). I’m glad I didn’t manage to watch it until yesterday, or I would have missed your wife’s comment on the vimeo page. I hope you’ve learnt your lesson not to incriminate yourself again!

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