My 2 cents.

So the dirt is finally out and the analysis begins of how  and why this has happened.

Armstrong , well doping  was long around before him and as many have said if you chose this sport you had to be on a level playing field and doping was the way .

I heard a guy today on the radio ..a supporter of Armstrong who said” well they were all doing it and he was the best doper”….sorry but this is as worse as doing it.  What reality do these guys live in , ok its there chosen profession and I personally know what sacrifices they make but it comes down to human condition…are you a leader or a follower .

If these guys hadn’t of been request to testify under oath would they of still come forward..

Now they have families do they start to feel guilty of there past because of what their children will come to find of their fathers .  Maybe I just dont get it how getting to ride a bike can lead to this…aren’t you the luckiest freakin people on the planet!

Yes the pressure of winning’ performing …sponsors…must be enormous..but so are their ego’s lets be honest, if you’ve ever turned up to any kinda bike race you’ll know what I mean. Have we thought that to counter balance his guilt and lies Armstrong set up his foundation to balance his conscience…only he knows and I absolutely do not intend any insult to anyone cancer touches.

The Tour lapped up Armstrong and the American public had a hero and so the balloon just got bigger each Tour…imagine  the revenue for Trek Bikes..(.ask Greg Lemond ) the sponsors..and the Tv networks..a lot of greedy ego’s got their hand in the pot.

Armstrong was an entire industry and him being the center of it with his followers ready to sell their souls for him.

What do we take from this car wreck of a mess…..
stay true to yourself and let so called professional sports coaches-trainers-experts alone in their fantasy world because the rest of the world is a very different place we really need to look up to these guys …be proud of yourself in whatever mountain you choose to climb.

Next time you pass someone not in the latest clothing or bike give them a wave or even better ride with them as this is where the difference is made.

I love watching bike racing and remain optimistic of a cleaner future.


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2 Responses to My 2 cents.

  1. richard h says:

    For me it is all about the bike, always will be, I’d rather “do” than “watch”. In life I respect those who live fairly and don’t think well of those who cheat to try to get ahead. In many sports there have been times where peer pressure or the expectations of others have been enough to turn the young or impressionable to do things they would otherwise not, and that is a very great shame. To those that have transgressed and now regret it they have their own conscinces to answer to, I sense also certain relief in what I read from some who are fessing up to their clandestine misdeeds. I can only hope for a brighter and cleaner future for the sport that we all love.

    • James says:

      From what I have been reading, these riders who are ‘fessing up now have been clean for the past few years. In fact, the times during Cadel’s TDF were significantly down on the years when Lance was running the shop. That should tell us something. Clean moving forward is the best that we can ask for.

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