A Man For All Seasons

The seasons have changed. Yup, autumn is very much here, and as a cyclist I embrace it. Cooler temperatures are less draining, and the bike paths are empty, the fair weather riders of summer all safely tucked up indoors by now. I will stop short of saying ‘Good riddance’ as that would be very uncharitable, but, well, see you next year!


There was a mist when I set out the other morning. As beautiful as that is to look at, it does mean the tarmac is going to be slippery, so be cautious. I don’t want to sound like an old gaffer, but it doesn’t take much for the slick tyres on your road bike to lose most of their grip. Add the fallen leaves (cue brilliant Billy Talent song of the same name) and you’ve got yourself enough hazards to keep you sharp.


In fact it will be a few more weeks before the leaves become a real problem. I think the long hot summer has left the natural vegetation somewhat confused and they are not yet realizing that it’s time to move onto the leaf shedding phase of the year. Some trees are turning, and spectacular they are too, but we have a long way to go.


So if you are heading out on two wheels, and I sincerely do hope that you are, proceed with caution. Remember that early in the day the white painted lines on the road get very slippery. Eet leaves are always slippery, in fact leaves that lie thick on the road and look dry on top are often still very damp underneath, which means if you try and turn suddenly you will go for a burton. A tumble that is, not an Andy Burton!

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6 Responses to A Man For All Seasons

  1. Rollo says:

    There’s nothing like a ride in the cold to make you feel like a tough nut.

    • James says:

      You got it. We haven’t had anything very challenging yet though. I’m looking forward to the sub-zero temperatures to really prove my metal.

  2. richard h says:

    Fall riding is great, especially if you still have the legs of sumer to go with it……

  3. richard h says:

    Indeed yes, the climbing legs…….. did you improve on your PB up the Houde?

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