Sunday at the Races.

Just wanted to share some pictures and thoughts from the race in Montreal last Sunday ..

I headed to the start area with my sons just before the sign in time in order to see the riders come up Parc ave from there Hotels..It is always great to see these guys I follow from Classics to Worlds throughout the year on our local roads and to see how normal they really are.

Tony Gallopin , Oliver Zaug and Ben Hermans.

The riders started trickling up and I was trying to spot who they where by size, style,sunglasses,shoes any feature that distinguish them apart. I hit the railing and started shooting some pics before my son took over from me on that job….as the guys below rode by they gave a little wave to a woman next to me supporting the same jersey , I asked if she was part of the team half joking  , we chatted  while I tried to spot other riders when one would go by and she would name him…” oh there’s Pinotti” ..”Gerrans” “Chavenal”.

Well I thought I knew my stuff and wasn’t a complete new golfer but to name a guy dressed in lycra ride by was pretty impressive …..when Henrich Haussler rides by and he gives her a wave “Hi Heinrich” came the reply. Hmmm ok this gal has been to more than one race I thinks! . Now oppisite us is the Vacansoeil car and Mr Hoogerland shows up ..we just been saying what a bloody star he is and all…his sits in the trunk looks over and yep ..”hey Johnny ..hows you?” replied by a smile , wave and  “Im good,thanks” Ok now I’m mystified that this person is on a first name basis with these guys….now of course there is an explanation to this…but I never found out and wishing  I did know.

Those now famous legs sculpted by ‘barbwire’ ..for Voight like status.

we continued to watch them all arrive for the sign-in and start as the Mc started to get warmed up and the crowds grew…though not as much as last year I thought.

My guys were getting wrestles of which I can’t blame them as these were only mere mortals and had no super hero powers apart from being able to sport lycra and ride hard for 4-5 hours…Phuh!

I said goodbye to my rider guides person Joe who was in town from Vancouver.. It was a Pleasure to meet and talk with you , hope you bring your bike next year.

The troops and I  headed up through the park to see the race on the mountain.

Catching Ladybugs seemed way more appealing.

We watched the motorcycles and helicopter whizz by then the riders who were off racing from the gun stream by doing there days work…nice kinda work I still think.

We headed off after that as 4 hours of catching ladybugs could get alittle much even for these pro’s.

I’ll leave you with some of the other pic’s from the day and put some more in the gallery .

Take Care


Mr “Eddy”

Garmin including Dan Martin , Heinrich Haussler and Peter Stetina.

Mr Sagan is as big as he looks..far left

Steve Bauer…Oh forgot to mention a thanks to the Spidertech mech who walked across the road and gave my guys a Bidon..Cheers!

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  1. James says:

    Brilliant pics Andy. Sorry I could not be there with you and the boys this year.

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