More of a sun shadow actually. Rode due west this morning to take advantage of the headwind on the way out which meant that, according to my blogging friend Rollo, I would have the sensation of “Wow, I am strong today” on the way back!” By the way, if you have not checked out Rollo’s blog, do so. He’s remarkably witty, and for a Kiwi his grammar is quite sound. He also rides a lot, and I’m not talking to the store and back. This bloke does some exciting, and hard, rides!

I’ve always loved the way a shadow stretches out in front of you. The tallness of it and the way the legs pump up and down like giant pistons.

Riding as tall as you can.

Next ride is on the fixed gear. Commute day. Big heavy back pack. I’ll keep the iPhone handy though as the weather is going to continue to be splendid and dawn is a truly brilliant time for photos.

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2 Responses to Moonshadow

  1. Rollo says:

    I know that Rollo character. He’s unreliable. And lazy: he finished a big ride three weeks ago and still hasn’t put it on his blog. (But thanks for the blog-love!)

    Also, have you noticed if you stare at the shadow long enough, it looks like you are pedalling backwards?

    • James says:

      Ha ha! I’ll have to try that…staring at the shadow that is. Actually, being lazy too would be something I should try too. I hear it’s a lot of fun!

      And you’re certainly not unreliable mate. I mean some of your posts from the road are remarkable given the mileage you have put in during the day. That’s not a azy man writing.

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