Photo Finish

I wanted to get out before the temperature rose too much, and I almost made it. When I hit the road, heading due east to the FI track, it was just after 9.15 a.m. and already the mercury was climbing quite consistently. By the time I got to the track it was what I would deem ‘hot’ and then when I got home I was dripping. Brilliant ride though.

The weather network had the forecast wrong, well the wind direction anyway. It said I would have a light headwind on the way down to the circuit, and then the planned for an expected tailwind on the way back. The deception! I had Marie’s voice chiding me playfully in my head as I was a few kilometres from home and had finally admitted to myself that I had a tailwind (light, but it was there) “The best way to see what the weather’s doing is to go outside!” She has a point.

Salut Gilles!

It took me three laps to get this shot right. I suppose I could have stopped completely to take the shot, and then pretended that I was racing over the finish line, but where would be the fun in that. So instead I tried to estimate the iPhone delay at 32+ km/h and got it wrong the first couple of times, so had to wait another 4.4 km to try again. And yes, I do know that I could have stopped, turned around, ridden back twenty metres and then come at it again, but that would have been the sensible thing to do. Besides, I was timing my laps and that would have screwed everything up royally.

Looking across to the Pont Jacques Cartier as I cross the St. Lawrence.

The ride back had some tough moments, thanks to the headwind that I was not expecting, but I still managed to keep an average speed of over 31 km/h. I was surprised frankly. I felt at times like I was pedalling through syrup. You know that feeling when you just can’t seem to go any faster? Horrible!

Looking across the Old Port into Montreal.

By the time I pulled back into the drive, my legs were aching. I had pushed hard the last 10 kilometres or so, for no reason other than I wanted to get back and have a coffee and put me feet up. Which is what I did. We then celebrated lunch with our friends from Vancouver Quebec-style, that is to say with a large, gooey Poutine!

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3 Responses to Photo Finish

  1. Rollo says:

    Tailwind? There’s no such thing. There’s a headwind, a crosswind, and wow I’m strong today! And I can’t believe it even occurred to you to turn around and take the photo again. I’m pretty sure the unwritten rule is you have to keep doing laps until you get it right. Lucky the weather’s just right for it.

    • James says:

      You’re absolutely right sir! No way I was gonna turn around! I put that in to make people feel less bad when they thought of it. Wait, may be shouldn’t confess that here. Oh well, sod it! As for the weather, it continues to be glorious. This is the summer of riding!

      So how’s winter treating you mate? Down there in the cooooold blustery southern hemisphere!

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