Orange In The Sky

That would be the sun. Not a real orange. This isn’t a Roald Dahl story you know. If it had been a Dahl story the orange orb in the sky would have winked at me or something before a giant hand reached down and grabbed me for breakfast.

Even a highway looks beautiful when you’ve got the morning sun as a backdrop.

Another awesome morning for a pre-brekkie ride. South-easterly wind which meant into it on the outrun and a decent tailwind for the way home, which included a couple of laps of Parc Levesque to get the ride to just over 40 km/h.

Riding tall.

Hoping to get together with Andy this weekend for a couple of hours. Can you believe we have not ridden together in a few weeks? Miss the bloke! Sluggo too…come on lads, time for a reunion ride no?

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5 Responses to Orange In The Sky

  1. What a great sunrise picture

    • James says:

      Thank you. As soon as I turned to face east I knew I had to get a shot, so I fumbled for my iPhone and here we go! Never go anywhere (on the bike) without it.

      • Yes I made a small tripod on my handle bars which I have attached my digital camera to get time lapse and other videos of rides on holiday and around, worth a try if you haven’t already.

        • James says:

          Now that is creative thinking!

          • Rather than paying couple 100 pounds for a mount from the internet, I just used the bell that came with the bike (never been used but glad i kept it to one side) and with the 2 holes 1 used a screw and bolt to fasten it securely to the bike and the other I think it was a 3/4 inch screw or whatever fits in the bottom of digital cameras, then duck taped the rope handle around in case it came un-done.

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