Not another Armstrong post

I just gotta get this of my chest.
I’m not defending the guy but what a fucking witch-hunt. Some people sure had a hard-on to take this guy down. Think of it 12+ years of just suspicion and then maybe some solid proof in recent years.
Good for him. I would have thrown in the towel and said “fuck-you-all, here’s yer fuckin’ yellow jersey” a long time ago. He’s not the only doper, most of the peloton was/is doped and let’s face it. The doped winners couldn’t win if the domestics weren’t doped.
Wiggo, Froome, Contator – doped and still doping. You can’t win the Tour clean – period. The Giro or the Vuelta maybe, it’s 3-4kph slower w/more national interests so the GC guys can get more rest etc. blahblah wada, wada… They’re just not the same race – lower stakes and a lot less money for the winners.
Balls to you sorry – nuts, ohhh I mean… good on you. I just hope all this shit doesn’t screw up your Presidential bid. Just stay away from the pot. That shit is worse than EPO. Good thing the french don’t mind a toke here and there…

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  1. Grant, UK says:

    Can’t win the TdF clean… really? So all the tests, passports etc and you still think the modern peloton are doping? Couldn’t disagree more. I don’t think cycling has EVER been as clean as it is now.

    Having said that the Lance situation with USADA is, in my opinion, a disgrace. And I agree with you, a total witch hunt. Quite bizarre really as well with all the US tax dollars he has generated and to be honest a bit fucking pointless. What is the gain? There are only losses to the sport as far as I can see.

    We know they all doped. He was still the best.

    • sluggo says:

      Could you explain why Armstrong, the most tested athlete in all of sport, never failed a test? I’d say it’s the same reason (many reasons, and situations actually) that riders are still not getting caught.
      I do agree riders are WAY cleaner then ever – no doubt about it. But when I see riders like Contador or Froome going uphill day after day w/out a hint of pain I gotta question that.
      One day races w/guys riding parts of the season or short tours? Yeah, I’d say clean.
      The TDF I dunno? Money’s to big. It’s the only race that counts now…if you’re not a cycling fan.

  2. Grant, UK says:

    Guess we’ll have to agree to disagree Sluggo.

    I, personally, don’t see the TdF being any more likely to let testing slide more than any of the other GTs or 1 day races. Probably more the other way as they have mire toblose in terms of press etc. The same names seem to be there or there abouts throughout the season. In recent times the most surprising GT performance in many ways has been Cobo in last year’s Vuelta. Explain that!

    I’m a cycling fan. I’ll be at the Tour of Britain and have seen many crits and one day races this year. As well as racing myself.

    Keep up the good blogs and debates CBC.

  3. Grant, UK says:

    “more to lose”. Note to self – “proof read”.

    • sluggo says:

      thanks Prof, why not read what I’m saying and not count the letters.
      I guess I’m one shitty english language communicator because we’re basically saying the same thing. Except for the TDF issue. I’m not saying testing is slack at the TDF I’m saying there’s way more reason to cheat because it’s the only race that counts, interms of sponsors etc., in the general publics eye.
      Does anyone who doesn’t follow bike racing know what other races LA has won? see what I mean?
      see ya

  4. Grant, UK says:

    Ok mate, calm yourself. The note to self was just that. A note to myself for my own spelling!

  5. richard h says:

    Armstrong was the best at obeying the 11th commandment at a time when cyclists were rolling chemstry sets……. he was allowed, because he was only firing on one cylinder, to use testosterone up to a certain control level, a huge advantage…. He also had big pharma, the best physicians, and a tight inner circle, oh yeah and a lot of cash. All that said, the various authortities governing the sport need to talk with one voice in regulating things, there needs to be one org doing the policing. The bio passports and no needle initiatives of the teams are good to see, there is a will to do things right and set a better example.
    Everyone knows what LA did, seemingly except him, I respect what he achieved (not how he achieved it) but the “never tested positive ” line is gitting old…… ….. man needs to fess up and have done with it, just my 2 kopeks.

    • James says:

      I happen to like the way you summed it up Richard. He still won seven tours which is unlikely to ever be beaten, and if one concedes that he was doping in a field of dopers, which for the purposes of this comment puts everyone back on that proverbial level playing field, then he was still the best rider that year.

      Also don’t forget that he did train almost exclusively for this one race a year. And he did train hard. I would not win the Tour de France by just taking EPO. He put a lot into it. I would find it easier to accept if he just bloody owned up to it as others have before him. He’s currently ranked next to Vino in my estimation right now, which is to say, not high. Still can’t believe he won the bloody road race gold!

      • sluggo says:

        James, you touch on something very critical to LA’s dominance during his run at the tour. His training and prep. Let’s assume a level playing field. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not defending the doping question and I’m not defending him.
        But, in terms of training, prep and single mindedness to win that race he was head and shoulders above all his competition. No one else had a team like his or was as well prepared or well trained or as fit from December to race day in July. That is not debatable.

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