A very cool bike path

As much as I like them I normally avoid them. But, I do wish we had more and I will admit MTL is good about promoting and building them. Pointe Claire on the west Island of Montreal actually doesn’t want you (and your damn bike) on their roads so they build these useless paths that are 200m long or tucked so far out of the way they’re useless for getting anywhere. Sorry this post isn’t about those dicks at PC city hall (just try to build something there, go ahead visite the city planning department).
It’s about this very cool bike path. So why is it so hard to get something like this (even more simplified – cheaper) in more cities? Check out the YT vid. And look not a single helmet hmmmm.
And speaking of paths. The feds, Dorval and Quebec are spending close to 2 Billion bucks to get strangers in and out of MTL via the Dorval Airport and they say there will be Bike and Ped access. Of all the renderings of the new exchange I’ve seen there doesn’t appear to be a single pedestrian or cycle path to get you to within 1k of the airport – go figure? I guess they mean walking on sidewalks along speeding cars. With, of course, the nervous cyclists fending for their lives between the cars and the sidewalk.

The new Dorval Circle

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