The sun that is. Love riding at dawn, but as we’re entering the beginning of fall (Nooooooooo!…say it ain’t so!) the sun stays lower longer and the effect is that on a clear morning, like this morning, I am riding right into the sun the entire out run. So which direction am I heading in?

Well the answer to that little pop quiz depends on which hemisphere you’re in. So unless anyone said north or south, you could all be right. But for me, northern hemisphere dweller that I am, I was heading due east and right into the sun.

Don’t leave your goggles at home.

It was a calm morning. The official forecast was for a 5 km/h wind coming from the west, but in reality it was a little stronger than that.

My average speed in both directions was similar, although you’ll note that I was working considerably harder on the way home, with my average HR holding at 16 bpm higher on the return. I have noticed that my cadence is typically quite high. I apparently prefer a higher spin in a lower gear than mashing some big bastard of a gear. My buddy John called me a ‘hummingbird’ the other day in reference to this. I don’t have the Chris Hoy thighs necessary to mash a 53 x 11 into a head wind, and in fact I have decided that for the time being I am going to keep my 46 x 16 gearing on the fixed gear.

A beautiful route with no line of site to the airport or the rail yards despite what the map may lead you to believe.

I am dead pleased that my rolling 30-day mileage is holding steady in the 1,100 km mark. This is such a terrific time of year for riding. You’re well past the early season stiffness and flowing beautifully. A ride of only 30 km now is considered warm up! You’re itching to get in a minimum of 60 km and hopefully 100 km+ to keep the legs happy.

Blimey, average cadence 91 rpm. I really am a bloody hummingbird!

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