Up Before the Birds

Well, most of them anyway. In fact I didn’t see any birds this morning, but that wasn’t my goal so it didn’t matter. What I did get to enjoy, once more, was the beauty of dawn. Yeah! I love riding at this time of day and it is so worth getting up and forcing your heavy body out of bed. You’ll try and convince yourself not to get up, but don’t listen to the devil on your shoulder extolling the benefits of sleep. Get up!

So what do you get for getting up? This.

The old water filling station silhouetted against the dawn sky.

To me this is worth the eye-burning and back aching moments early in the waking up process. The other piece of riding in Montreal that I appreciate more and more is the magnificent network of bike paths. You can read about the significant investments that the city is continuing to make here.

One of Montreal’s awesome bike paths. Safe from cars, the only danger lies on the weekend when families are out in force.

There are currently 560 km of bike paths on the island of Montreal alone, something I find quite remarkable. I just looked this up in fact, so I am learning at the same time as you all. Check out the complete view….remarkable!

Brilliant isn’t it? And how’s this for fun – Montreal is currently ranked No. 8 on the Copenhagenzie Urban Cycling Index.

Montreal No. 8

I for one am proud of that, and if you’re from one of the other cities on the list (it extends beyond the sample I provide above) then you should be proud too. And if you’re in a major metropolis and you’re city is not on the list, then why not? Perhaps there’s something you can do about it…you don’t know if you don’t try.

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