Back On One Gear

After almost two weeks it was time to get my beloved Kona back out of the shed. It was time to commute back into the office and I needed my wheels. Of course this means that it has been close to two weeks since I have even been to the office, but this has not been due to any holiday. No, no! It has been quiet enough with many colleagues on their summer holidays that it has allowed me to take advantage of my home office. God bless a company that provides for a good work/life balance. That in itself is worth a lot of money.

I don’t think I mentioned it yet, but I treated my Brooks saddle the other day. Not with any Brooks sanctioned product, but with some Coach something-or-other that would, I hope, meet with the Brooks’ stamp of approval. Either way, it seemed to do a terrific job moisturizing the saddle after what has been over 2,000 km of supporting my bum so far this season. The saddle has aged beautifully in fact. It’s developed a marvellous patina and is quite possibly one of the most comfortable bum gloves I have ever had the pleasure to rest my buttocks on.

Smell the leather. Or not.

Humid, humid, humid. I was dripping with sweat after just twenty minutes of the ride in. The summer continues to be one of the hottest and driest on record, and I can only hope that this means a long, warm fall followed by a bizarre winter that includes no snow whatsoever. This would not be a popular vote with the kids, but then they don’t have to drive to work in the muck now, do they?

25-30lbs of computer, clothing and ‘stuff’ are my commuting companion.

The water is at the lowest point that I have ever seen it at. Here in the basin near one of the yacht clubs the plant growth, usually hidden completely by the glassy water, is entirely visible. I suspect that the local fish are watching the ceiling come down on their little bit of paradise and praying daily to the rain gods. Meanwhile the rest of the city is praying that the warm, dry weather continues. So who’s praying loudest?

It’s like low tide….and this is not a tidal body of water.

It’ll be back on the Marinoni today. Next week looks like more trips to the office so plenty more fixed gear riding to come this season. Oh, and I have to adjust the chain. Ever since I last tightened it it has been feeling ‘off’. Hard to explain other than I can feel it when I pedal. It’s as if it is not quite lined up correctly, although the wheel is running true and it’s neither too tight or too lose. I’ll keep you posted.

Alright, off to the mountain now.

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4 Responses to Back On One Gear

  1. Grant, UK says:

    Me again! I commute fixed every day and have done for a few years now and I solved the backpack problem by having a mini wardrobe of clothes stashed in my office. It does mean having to do a couple of trips with a big bag but not every day! That way most days I can get away with my nice little Rapha manbag! Makes life a hell of a lot easier.
    On the negative side it does mean I have to keep my office tidier than normal for visitors and meetings. No one likes looking at another mans spare clothes, shoes, socks etc lying around…

    • James says:

      I have to look up this Rapha manbag! I thought about doing the ‘keep some clothes at the office’ thing, but a) I don’t have an office as we work in cubeville and b) the lockers in the gym are small and so I would not be able to keep much there. Having your own office is key to this being successful – you’re lucky there!

      It’s not so bad. I probably moan about it more than I should. If I didn’t have to schlep the laptop around it would be a breeze. The company has seen fit to provide me with this behemoth of an HP which weighs a mighty 7lbs on its own for heaven’s sake. I am very lucky in that I can work from home almost whenever I want, so the days I choose to go it carrying the bag is less of a deal-breaker. Everyday? Might be time to find another method!

  2. Rollo says:

    The Brooks is looking nice and shiny. It’s fun to enjoy the feel of different bikes, isn’t it? I do think you should get a mountain bike next. There’s plenty of bike storage space in that dungeon office of yours isn’t there?

    • James says:

      I have toyed with the mountain bike thing, but in my immediate area there is really no good mountain biking. At least not that I know of. May be before making such a bold statement I should actually do some research. I’ll get back to you.

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