NASCAR coming to town

I am not a NASCAR fan. In fact, I’m not that much into motor sport these days at all. I used to be one the biggest F1 fans and for a decade I attended every race at the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve. Loved it, but it was more for the “buddy weekend” experience that went with it. Drinking beer from 7.00 a.m. arriving at the track and only stopping when it was time to head home.

I suppose I have matured a bit in my tastes. I still follow the F1 circus, but I no longer yearn for all day drinking binges in the hot Montreal summer sun, nor do I feel like fighting for air at the track amongst 300,000 other revellers. God, I’m getting old and crotchety aren’t I? It’s finally here…I’m turning into a grumpy old man.

Go Daddy! How very NASCAR of you!

Oh well, at least I am a grumpy old man who can still pedal reasonably fast. I suppose that’s all going to slowly start to deteriorate as well isn’t it? God I have to stop this post immediately before I just go buy a Zimmer frame and give up right now!

Anyway, just to finish the point of this post: the NASCAR teams are going to be in Montreal next weekend making use of our brilliant Circuit Gilles Villeneuve. At the track this morning I noticed the freshly painted ads all ready for the cameras and the millions of pairs of eyeballs that will take in all the subliminal advertising during the race. Incredible how corporate sport is these days. At least we have not named the circuit after a large financial institution…yet. It’s bad enough that our hockey arena is called Le Centre Bell. Gone are the days where a rink was just called, well, a rink. Our pre-corporate sponsorship name was the Montreal Forum.

What was your local sports arena called before big corporate business stepped in? And what is it called now? Banks and insurance companies seem to be leaders in this field. Be interested to see if I am right.


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  1. Grant Streader says:

    The renaming of football/soccer stadia in the UK is prevalent. Growing up as a lad and going to football/soccer matches in Southampton, UK, we went to The Dell. The new stadium followed with a new sponsor and the name incorporated it. The Friends Provident St Mary’s Stadium (FP are an insurer).. Luckily we are now in a better financial position and it is just St Mary’s Stadium but money talks and I’m sure it won’t be long.

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