That Olympic Influence

Yesterday I spoke of the extra impetus that the Olympics can give to your current training routines. Like me, you’re probably resigned to the reality that you’re not going to participate in the Olympics in your chosen discipline. I mean, there’s nothing I’d like more than to cross the line first after 250 km of hard racing in the road race, hands raised in the air, legs still pumping. That photo immortalized forever. Which reminds me, I shall have to come up with a good victory salute. All the top guys have one.

But you know, just because we may not be about to climb onto the top step of the podium does not mean that we can’t think about it and use that adrenaline to go faster! That’s what I did on my morning ride Thursday morning. and it worked.

What do you know…I am getting faster!

Now this is an interesting little exercise. The distances are not important. What is key is that I rode exactly the same route the past three days (added more loops of the park to create additional distance on Weds and Thurs). The stats worth watching are Avg Speed and Avg Pace. Starting from the right and working your way left (how Far East of me) you can see that the average speed and pace increases in direct proportion to my level of Olympic track cycling fantasy. Of course, you can’t tell that I am fantasizing about pipping Sir Chris Hoy to the line, you’ll just have to take my word for it.

Actually, truth be told my fantasies are more on the road than in the velodrome, but it’s been a heavy track week so I have had to adapt. I should mention that the wind conditions were similar on all three days, although it’s a bit of a moot point for the simple reason that as it is a loop being ridden I am going to be subjected to equal headwind or tailwind (for the most part anyway).

Anyway, all this nonsense just to say that I do believe that a little innocent ‘pretend you’ve got Wiggo on your wheel‘ fantasy does wonders for your performance. I knew I was putting in a good time while I was riding and Garmin confirmed it after I rolled into the drive.

At the halfway point. Over the Lachine Canal.

I mean shit, I was riding so well I had time to stop and take this awesome picture on the bridge over the canal. All without the Garmin going into pause mode.

Vive l’influence Olympique!

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  2. richard h says:

    Yeah, the Olympics that must be it, yesterday for the first time in 6 years I went and did university loops……..strangely it was fun 😉

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