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If you consider yourself a “roadie” then go hear (if you haven’t already)- -, read this – reread it – book mark it and read it again.

This is one of my favorite sites. It speaks of what cycling is to me. Sure I sometimes ride a fixie and I commute by bike, but riding a road bike and suffering from the effort is were my heart is. It comes down to no clocks, computers or satellites – just the bike & blood and guts.

The Love.
What I love about this list is how spot on it is. I mean really spot on – 99,9% bang on. From the correct socks length to how to properly fill your jersey, to your position and manners while riding w/others. I couldn’t have listed/said it better myself.

The Hate.
What I hate about it is this: It takes so much time (years!), “effort” and “awareness of” road cycling why would you just give it all away? And when you do (or at least when I have) it doesn’t quite sink in. Why give this info to some douche on a 10K S-works who considers a good ride a good workout? Well this “new golfer” wouldn’t get any of it anyway so nothing wasted there…

For those of you who don’t know or have forgotten, CB is Cockney slang for “fuck it” (not the little chocolate wanker knob-gobbler from the movie) as in what ever or who cares, it’s-not-me-on-that-bike. Fuck what? Many of the things in the list actually. ie, white shorts, deep dish wheels when not racing and hairy legs just to name a few. Fuck it with a shrug of the shoulders – what ya gonna do? meh – charlie bucket…

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7 Responses to love & hate

  1. richard h says:

    I was good till 50 & 51 then I LOL :)

  2. richard h says:

    oh , and 33 …….. I shave when I train, training is in preparation for something, riding to work
    doesn’t count..that’s just me !

  3. sluggo says:

    Yeah, #33 & #50 are some what in conflict w/my personal hygiene habits. Smooth face starting midweek and smooth legs starting weeks end, never smooth at the same time of week.

  4. Hate to disagree, but some of those rule are just idiotic. Sharp tan lines are fine, but I ride all winter long (down to -20 F) and have never gotten a tan in that weather (great wind-burn lines though). He thinks your bike should cost more than you car — my Jeep Grand Cherokee was over $45,000 and I haven’t seen a bike in that price range yet. And most importantly, he said that cycling comes before your family — sorry, but only a self-centered moron would say that.

  5. Grant, UK says:

    Love the rules. Nice reminder.

    Oh, one more thing. Is it self centred to talk about how much your car/bike is worth? Or just a little sad? Rule No 6. 😉

    • sluggo says:

      nah, but you don’t have to talk about, it should just be.
      Love’m or hate’m there is a very subtle truth to these rules that speaks to the aesthetic of being a Roadie. It is both lost or never found on so many who refer to them selves as road cyclists.

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