I can’t help but feel extremely patriotic during the Olympics. And why not? It happens but once every four years (summer games) and you’re supporting the best athletes that your country has to offer. Why not pretend that you’re one of those athletes while you’re out doing your favourite sport? I mean no-one’s going to know, are they? You may find that it’ll add some performance that has hitherto been locked somewhere deep inside you.


I am getting asked quite a bit “Who are you supporting: Great Britain or Canada?” The easy answer is both, but it is slightly more complex than that. I have to admit that despite living over twenty-two years in this wonderful country, if there is a Brit and a Canadian participating in the same event, I will support the Brit first. It’s not even a conscious choice. It’s a decision I make automatically without thinking about it.

But don’t be down Canada. I have plenty of love, respect and gratitude for this amazing country that I am proud to call home for the last two decades. And I am not half as confused as some others. I only have two countries that capture my loyalties. Dear Bruce at Blog o’Rollo has a serious identity crisis developing. A Kiwi, married to a Japanese girl, living in Australia.

And you think you’ve got problems. Poor chap doesn’t know which way he’s going. Good bike rider though. Perhaps he uses all that time on the bike to decide which country he actually belongs to? Just kidding Bruce….I know you’ve got the love for all!

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4 Responses to #TeamGB

  1. richard h says:

    23 + years out of blighty and I look at it like a tourist now, got no idea who any of the athletes are
    (cycling excepted). One thing is hugely changed, UK Olympic athletes now get funded and
    act like they can compete and win on the world stage, and do……. Nice to see. Canada take note.

    • James says:

      Yeah agree it is Canada’s turn to step up and deliver some funding to make our Olympic program more comprehensive. Team GB really did step up this go around. Hard to beat that next time around.

  2. Steve says:

    It’s fun to see the Brits pull together and compete as a group. You have a disturbing tendency to separate into several “nations” and fight amongst yourselves in athletic competition!

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