Full Season

I know when the riding season is in full swing because I am typically riding more than 1,000 km per month. We’re there now, and I would expect this cadence to continue through to October. Given the extraordinary weather that we have been having this year, I may be able to squeeze some long riding days right into November.

The last 30-days.

My trusty Garmin Edge 800 (no I don’t get a cent for mentioning it!) has been recording every single ride this year, including the monotonous commutes. I say monotonous in that it is the same back and forth route, but the riding itself is never dull. 1,200 km in 30-days when holding down a full-time job and spending time with the family is pretty decent. How did that break down though?

Monthly breakdown by bike.

Ride count was split almost 50/50 between the Paddy Wagon and the VR2. Not so the distance ridden though, where as expected the greater distance is being covered on the Marinoni (Road Cycling above). Also as one would expect, we’re riding further per ride, climbing more, and are travelling faster.

The view for the year so far.

I can assure you that it is a total coincidence that I check the report for the year and the split between the two bikes is only 2 km apart! The Paddy Wagon had been ahead by quite some margin as I ride it far more often at the beginning of the year, and then the VR2 was out of commission for almost three weeks at one point in the late spring getting the seat post fixed. Now here we are, neck and neck!

The VR2 will continue to pull ahead through August and into September, and then I would anticipate the slow catching up of the Paddy Wagon as commuting becomes more of the riding than not. Although, as I pointed out earlier on, if the summer stays as warm and dry as it has thus far, then who knows how long I’ll be able to enjoy the road bike this season!

We’ll see. I’ll be back for another update at the beginning of September.

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