Follow the Tracks

Train tracks have always been full of the promise of going somewhere. I personally find train travel very special. Perhaps I’ve watched Murder on the Orient Express one time too many, because most train travel does not fit that romantic ideal, but nonetheless it is a remarkably relaxing way to travel.


I cross over the local tracks all the time. There are four sets of tracks all running parallel to one another and they accommodate the commuter trains, the intercity expresses and the giant freight trains that still thunder across this mighty country. Most of the crossings are bridges, so if a train happens to be passing, no foul, but there are a few that cross the actual tracks, so sometimes you just have to wait.


So a couple of days ago I did find myself having to wait at the tracks at Woodland Avenue. The freight trains have a lead of three powerful diesel cars, these being followed by what appears to be a couple of kilometers worth of freight cars. There appears to be no logic to the way the cars are hitched together. Tankers give way to open flatbeds that are connected to closed kabooses. The rhythmic cla-clunk, cla-clunk is almost hypnotizing.


I’ll leave you with one of my favorite views. The shot of the tracks that appear to be joining together in the distance. How poetic.

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