20120805-074356.jpgAnother insanely hot day. It has been quite a remarkable summer, and one that I have been soaking up. From a riding perspective, it has actually been almost too hot. Today was a good example of where shaving a couple of degrees off the temperature would have been a good thing. It’s not the 30c that is the issue so much, rather it is the humidex that takes the actual temperature and creates a ‘feels like’ many degrees higher. Couple that with the humidity, the root cause of this artificial raising of the temperature, and you have a tough ride.


The Casino Straight on the back half of the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve is where the cars get up to 312 km/h and more. Never ending, seemingly, at 40km/h it takes considerably longer to complete, but it is a hugely satisfying portion of the track. At the end you come to the famous chicane that leads you onto the start/finish straight and over the line that reads “Salut Gilles, 30 Ans”.


The hairpin at the eastern most point of the circuit is the slowest portion of the track. Home to plenty of drama during an F1 race, on the bike it is less fraught with possible challenges, unless of course you lean too much and keep your right foot down. I’ve seen more than a few amateur riders make that mistake end end up on the tarmac once their pedal digs into the road surface.

The grandstands are still up awaiting the arrival of the NASCAR series later this month. Some very un-European advertising has started to go up. Gone are the billboards promoting Allianz and RBS, and in are the all American names of Dodge and Chevy! And and all racing is welcome here though. We have a beautiful permanent international circuit and it would be a shame not to make use of it. I am just so grateful that it is open almost year round for us everyday folk to enjoy. Thank you City of Montreal!

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