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While there is a lot of hullabaloo about the Olympics, which I do really enjoy I might add, I still have to commute to work like all of us. To try and spice things up, I thought why not take some more pictures of buildings for you all to look at. I know – I’m spoiling you.


The overpasses in Montreal are old and crumbling. There is actually a movement by concerned citizens to tear the whole bloody lot down and start again, but for obvious reasons that is not practical. Up close, however, these mighty roads in the sky are scary to see. The metal reinforcements are showing through, and the patchwork of different colored concrete is not unlike a poor quilt.


The bike path to the Atwater Market passes by some industrial buildings of yesteryear. The old, abandoned and frequently graffitied landmarks remain standing, however, and I for one am pleased for it. I think there is something mysteriously beautiful about a decaying building. The stories it could tell.


We like our roads high and our footpaths too. The old Five Roses facility down by the Old Port of Montreal is an icon in the cityscape. A while back the city wanted to tear it down in favor of redevelopment. I am certain that the land it sits on would fetch a small fortune when you consider that luxury condos could be built up in less than half a year, all with a port view. But the people of Montreal said NO!


Oh, come on! You didn’t think for a second that there wouldn’t be a post without my bike? Of course not. That’s like toast without Marmite – unthinkable. This wall is a small section of old red brick that has long since been covered by local, ahem, artists. Makes an interesting backdrop, methinks.

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  1. sluggo says:

    I love the gnarly stuff that surrounds us in MTL.

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