Vino takes gold – FY

What a sleeper of an Olympic road race. But Vino, fuck yeah! That’s bike racing. And why are those baseball commentators calling a freakin’ bike race at NBC. And what’s w/Phil Liggett? He’s spending to much time in the States. He’s had to dumb-down bike racing for the US market for so long he’s starting to sound like a douche. Why the fuck was he “surprised” by Vinokourov’s win? The guy is one of the best bike riders in the peloton. Shit wasn’t happening – everyone was looking at each other in the break away group and the peloton fucked up. Or should I say the Brits and the Germans fucked up. They spent all that energy controlling nothing for 200K then they had nothing left to chase back the breaks when it mattered. Vino knows what’s going on and he can suffer to make shit happen – and he did.
Gilbert’s attacks were fruitless but hopeful. Fabian’s crash was very disappointing. That dive into the barriers was a collar bone buster if there ever was one. You could see as soon as he got on the bike he was in trouble – the TT looks doubtful.

Vinokourov take Olympic gold

correction: it wasn’t Phil Liggett it was Paul Sherwen – pretty much one and the same…

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  1. richard h says:

    Supreme arrogance of the host nation in believing that the rest of the world would go along with letting them tempo a sprinter up the climbs to give him a run to the finish, this was not a stage of a 20 day grand Tour…… big mistake. Chapeau to Vino, he’s tough, and as long as he has just enough of his own blood on board, and doesn’t produce the pee of a 25 y/o woman, then good for him:)

    • sluggo says:

      Hey Richard, You know what got me about the lead-up to the race? It was Team Sky… err I mean The British Team going on, for a year or so, about how the race was going to unfold. I guess strategies, bluffing, keeping-yer-cards-close-to-yer-chest and even a little BSing isn’t part of their team tactics.
      At least the British women’s team came through! But, someone’s got to show Poole how to ride in a straight line. She must cover an extra 1/5 of the distance w/that constant swerving.

    • James says:

      As you have both said, Team GB were way too big for their boots and only had a Plan A. When it became obvious that they had to switch to Plan B, they all looked at each other and went “Oh fuck!”

  2. richard h says:

    James and I need to take Lizzie out a few times on the morning fixie ride, she’d be sorted in no time …….

    • James says:

      Wouldn’t that be a laugh….see how they all do on fixies! Sluggo’s got his own set of skills on the fixie as well and he could show them a trick or two!

  3. richard h says:

    James…there was no plan B !
    James… Mr Sluggo would probably intimidate me, I can only ride my fixie forwards

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