What, no back pack?

That’s right. It is not often that I get to enjoy riding the Kona without also carrying my computer, change of clothes, work accoutrement and lock. I have become so accustomed to Kona = back pack that the two seem inseparable. To say it is a treat to leave the bloody ruck sack at home and ride ‘free’ for a change is an understatement.

The motor.

I did commute twice to the office last week, and then I rode a couple of times just for fun on the days that I was working from home. Having determined that the VR2 was not a safe bet (see previous article) I readied myself for some fun of a different kind on the fixed. You cannot go out with the same goals and objectives as you would have on the road bike, because in my personal experience that is going to result in a ride that is disappointing and possibly frustrating. You’re not going to go as fast, or as smoothly, and you’re certainly not going to be setting any speed records on your favourite local loops. What you will do, however, is really enjoy the riding.

If you’re anything like me you tend to be quite competitive, and this runs to being competitive against one’s self as well. So I often find myself heading out with the sole objective of beating my last time, or perhaps maintaining a certain average HR. There’s usually something. The beauty of the fixed gear, in my opinion, is the simplicity of the bicycle itself, which demands nothing less than utter simplicity in the way you ride it. So, the only goal I try and set for myself, is to have fun!

The St. Lawrence over the rim of my rear wheel.

We’ve been having a good run weather-wise the past couple of weeks and I have been loving every minute of it. With the winters that we get here in Montreal, I find that we really need these summers, and no day is a day to sit indoors and do nothing. Don’t get me wrong, I do enjoy doing nothing, but when it’s beautiful outside I like to get out. Next week the forecast is calling for some days that are going to ‘feel like’ >40˚c once you factor in the humidity factor. Now that’s some serious heat.

Perhaps I should find a way to pack some ice in my helmet. Now that would be luxurious, and a potential money maker. Hmmm….

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