Pedal the travel out of ya!

I look forward to the first ride following a long business trip, especially one where you’ve not managed to get any kind of proper exercise. The best I could manage was walking briskly the entire week, a task that if you understood the amount of walking required in Las Vegas is more impressive than at first it sounds.

Just to give you an idea, the walk from the convention centre to my room, all within the same building I have to add, took no less than fifteen minutes to complete. This was at the brisk pace I tried to maintain at all times.

Enjoying the warmth of the sun after having ‘lived’ indoors all of last week.

Sunday was an almost perfect riding day. There was a wind, but it didn’t really make up its mind as to which way it was going to blow, so it was both helpful, though not too helpful, and a hinderance, although again, not overly so. Heading east down to the F1 track was out of the question as Montreal hosted the Canadian Grand Prix this weekend, won by none other than the terrific, and very English, Lewis Hamilton. So, in the words of The Village People, I went west and did two of the three islands that make up the Three Island route that we did last month. Sunday’s route can be viewed here.

Dali-esque spokes.

As Andy mentioned in his post of yesterday, the weather brought out all sorts of riders on all sorts of two-wheeled contraptions, and most of them seemed to be having a wonderful time in the sun. It’s good to see people getting out and leaving the TV and the computer behind for a few hours. Now if I only I could convince my kids of the same!

Enjoying two wheels.

Final shout out to our blogging brother Bruce Rollerson (follow him at Blog O’Rollo) who rode a staggering 1,600 km in 22 days during the People’s Grand Tour. An incredible number I have to say, and all of it documented with a pithy wit that is born from the life down under. My PGT total came in rather lower. I doff my hat to him.

Travel hindered my mileage, but I still had fun!

The next PGT starts in time for the Tour de France, and once again a week off the bike during our annual family holiday is going to challenge my progress, but I am certain that I can do better than the 558 km here. May be I should set myself a goal of 1,000 km? OK…done.

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6 Responses to Pedal the travel out of ya!

  1. chong says:

    You have also earned a doffing of the hat, or helmet, or cycling cap. Despite not being able to ride as often as Bruce and I do, you seem to smash it when you do get out. Keeping that sort of average speed and average heart rate on all your rides, you’ve got quite an advantage of Bruce’s figures and my own figures (which I keep private because I’m such a loser).

    • James says:

      Chong, I have been basking in the kindness of your words since yesterday when reading them. I paraded around the office with an extra air of superiority usually reserved for Olympians. Thanks mate!

      If I step off my pedestal for a moment I can say that I am dead pleased with the way this season is going. I am stronger than I have been for a few years now. I think riding the fixed gear so much with a 30lb back pack has contributed to some strength that was hitherto hidden. Whatever it is, it has been feeling good this year and thankfully for me, we are still in the early days!

      • chong says:

        Damn, that’s where I’ve been going wrong. Previously my backpack was only around the 6-8kg mark. I just bought a new one that allows me to pack 10.5kg, which is only 23lb in the old money.

        Walk with your head held high. It won’t happen when our hero beats your hero in le Tour, and our same hero beats your other hero in the Olympics.

    • James says:

      Ah ha! Bold words my fine friend. We’ll see who’s hero is the more heroic. Can you spell W – I – G – G – O!

  2. Rollo says:

    I was going to comment on that average speed but I’ve been beaten to it. Clearly your only speed is flat out. Hopefully you won’t have so much work on during the next PGT. Bit jealous of your weather, too.

    • James says:

      Bruce, your fine words on the heels of Chong’s has left me feeling invincible. I think to prove how good I am I shall ride to work this morning in bare feet as obviously nothing can stop me!

      All joking aside, thanks mate. I am planning on setting a goal for the upcoming PGT and was toying with 1000 km, but I have to be cautious as I am going to be gone for a week on holiday and no bike will be coming with me. Still, 1000 should be doable, right?

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