Steel and frost – caution

I took these photos the other morning and I have not had a chance to put them up until now.  It was an especially cold start to the day, and there was a thin layer of frost over everything.  This left the bike paths quite slippery in parts, although the roads were completely fine given the higher volume of traffic that constantly passes over them.

At about the half way mark, there is an old steel frame bridge that crosses the Lachine Canal.  The structure is 100% metal, including the surface.  For cars, it’s a grid that’s been polished to a high gloss where the tyres of hundreds of thousands of cars has polished it over the years.  You can still see in the centre that the original colour of the surface was Army grey.  For pedestrians and bikes, the platform is solid steel plate, the kind with an opposing cross-hatch of little raised nubbins across it.  The raised parts again polished to a high gloss, while the base steel below still has the grey paint attached to it.

This bridge on a morning such as this is lethal.  You do not ride on it.  You dismount and walk your bike across, because you are almost guaranteed to go down, and even at low speed, you’re gonna hurt yourself.  So walk it I did, and snapped a couple of photos while I was at it.  I hope you like them.

The morning sun coming up over Lac St. Louis.

Kona Paddy Wagon on the lethal steel platformed bridge that crossed the Lachine Canal.

The Lachine Canal at dawn.

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4 Responses to Steel and frost – caution

  1. Steve says:

    Very nice. Every winter I am fascinated to “rediscover” just how treachorous ice is to cycling. When you are walking/running on ice, you get a sense of when you are about to slip. Not so with cycling, where one second all seems to be well and the next second you are laying on the ground and holding your knee/elbow/shoulder/head.

    • James says:

      You’re so right Steve. I have not had a spill since my ice incident in the middle of December and I am planning on keeping it that way. But yes, it happens just so bloody fast.

  2. richard h says:

    Nice pics indeed. Last year I took a tumble after the wooden bridge just by the Redpath Lofts… the bridge surface gets “greasy” if its even slightly damp, and there is this 90 degree left immediately after the span grrrrrrrrr !

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