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Well these guys just keep on getting better…

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What I missed.

Sorry to of missed you Saturday J-D but I was on a green booted bike Here’s J-D’s ride..

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Proper nice.

Went for a ride on Sunday with my old friend Mike ‘ The bike ‘  …it was a balmy 6c in the morning and a blue sunny sky. Our starting point was Lee-On-Solent in Hampshire. I had returned to the UK … Continue reading

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Just plain nice tricks.

Thought this was a well filmed piece..check out the little kid! music from a Montreal band.

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Keirin .

Its the best kind of spectator sport.


Oh Canada!

Another excellent and very un-February like day yesterday resulted in an awesome ride out to the western tip of Montreal island.  There is one spot we ride by where one finds a giant Canadian flag waving 365 days a year. … Continue reading

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Balmy days are here again

I think our regular readers have a pretty good idea right now about how mild it is in Montreal, especially considering the time of year.  I would say that we are many degrees above average on the temperature scale, and … Continue reading


Layered and studs.

Spring!…well nearly. Found Sluggo  wandering the streets this morning so we ventured off for asphalt , dirt and ice. Dirt to ice trails…..Hmmmm…then arrrgghhhhhh!                                 … Continue reading


Not worth it..

As most of you I have had my fair share of…..disagreements with motorists and other vehicle users when one of the us decides to stand our ground . Its not fun and listen we will always come off worse …were … Continue reading


Bassi…part 2

Okay, the frame wasn’t really mucked it was just a scuff from the rubber on the clamp. Yah, yah, I’m impulsive yada yada yada… Here’s the frame w/the Tange head set.