There’s a lump in my tyre

The deformity in my rear tyre.

So this has never happened to me before.  I’d be interested to hear from anyone who has experienced this in the past, as I suspect the only appropriate course of action is to get a new tyre.  It doesn’t look like I’ll be able to do anything to rectify this anomaly and it has now started to affect the riding performance.  It  became apparent when I was about 20 km from home on yesterday’s ride.  A rhythmic jolt in the rear as the ‘lump’ hit the tarmac.  At first I was convinced that I had sprung a leak and had a nail still in the tyre, but when I stopped and performed a detailed inspection, all I could find was this tyre tumour.  It has actually started to wear through to the core of the tyre as well, which means that it is not going to be a good ride for much longer.  I may be having to switch to the fixie full time for the balance of the season.

I wasn’t going to let this spoil the rest of the ride, and thankfully up to that point it had not been noticeable.  I am going out today though, and I know it’s going to drive me crazy all the time.  I’m really just hoping that it doesn’t give out altogether when I am  miles from home.  Keep your fingers crossed.

I rode the Atwater Market loop as I call it today, which is 45 km, all flat, but very exposed to the wind, be it positive or negative.  As it turns out I had a tailwind on the way out (not the smartest way to do things, but I really wanted to ride this route today), and that meant that I had the headwind on the return leg.  Funny thing, wind.  It can really spoil your day if you let it, but it cal also completely transform a ride that you’ve ridden countless times before.  I try as much as possible to take the wind on as a challenge.   I don’t think it does you any good to moan the whole time you’re pedalling into it.  That alone is going to sap your energy and I’ll wager it’ll slow you down a couple of km/h without you even realizing.

No!  Take the wind on as a challenge, an opportunity to do better than the time before and a chance to prove to yourself that you can still put in a good time.  I’m not saying that it’s easy to do this.  Sometimes when it feels as if you are pedalling through molasses you just want to dial it back and coast.  Anything to lessen the burn in your quads and the ache in your chest.  So much of riding into the wind is mental though.  I’ve come to realize this from experience.  Don’t let yourself be beaten by the wind.  If you succumb to it, it will defeat you and you’ll have a miserable ride.  You need to settle into a comfortable rhythm, keep those pedals turning, and not focus on the pain.

Anyway, time to prep for the next outing. Looking out of my window right now there does not seem to be much wind today.  But then things always seem very different when you actually get on the bike.

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