30K of hell – 38mm of gnarl

So I started a new job last week …eh or should I say I started a real job. I won’t get into the ‘weres’ and ‘whats’ but I will say – “work sucks, and I ONLY do it for the money. I really should have been born rich because I’m probably best at being a gentleman of leisure (I’d be awseome at it if I had James’ or Andy’s British accent though). Okay, yeah I’m a lazy bastard enough about that…
So anyway, to get to work by bike, I now have to travel one of the nastiest bike routes you could think of if you lived in MTL. When I mention that I bike along the 520 (aka Cote DeLiese) the reaction is usually raised eyebrows or cringes.

I take the service road of course but it is just so f**kin’ nasty. The road surface is the worst you can find and anywhere in MTL. And that is saying something because the roads in Mtl are as bad as they get anywhere in the word. (see Andy’s longboard post? those roads are actually better – I swear.) So along with the roads surface you have trucks and cars (1:1 ratio) turning right into you or just buzzing you. The only saving grace is the side walk – oh yeah poeple don’t actually walk here it’s just to unpleasant. I ride the sidewalk as much as possible. And so do the hand-full of other commuters. It’s kinda funny, most of us wave to each other as we pass unlike the roadie snobs who are to-cool-for-you to wave. There’s that understanding of how bad the other guy has it and you just have to respect each other for it.
A dirt road would be bliss but I’ll just have to deal with the up and down the sidewalk to road ride. And to deal with it I got myself a pair of Specialized Infinity Armadillo 38MM tires. 38MM of awesome. I’m going to run them at about 80psi mostly for the washboard (exposed rebar in the concrete) sidewalks.

The Kona ‘Jake the Snake’ doesn’t have the clearance of a good ‘cross bike but there’s plenty of room for these tires. When winter comes I’ll have to swap out the studded snow tires – now that will be a ride to hell.


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2 Responses to 30K of hell – 38mm of gnarl

  1. andybuk says:

    I’ve been using this fake accent for year’s , that Gentleman of leisure dream has all but gone…..
    You should skate to work ya know.

  2. James Warne says:

    Those tyres are some kind of awesome!! Ride over nails with them….and you will I am sure!

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