It can come in many different ways , sometimes  not welcome but other times purposely sort out.

Life can immerse us into it at any given moment, the three of us are aware of this as many of you are , but as a choice we choose to suffer on two wheels.

I caught Mick Roger's hav'in some fun in town last year.

Why….well I started aged 15 on my  steel frame Raleigh doing my first time-trial. For whatever reason I loved the feeling of turning my lungs inside out and pushing my legs  until they turned to jelly.

With each ride we move out of our comfort zone and push that line a little more.  There’s many reasons I enjoy to ride but the sense of just giving those extra dig’s and returning home spent equals guaranteed satisfaction….and is cheaper than a soft couch.

There are no easy fixes or substitutes for putting down the miles/kilometers in the saddle , the earlier in the year the better.

Paul & I decided to ride and x-country ski  through the winter while James rode  the Alp’s and southern France….on his warm indoor electronic trainer type machine .

Now we are all pretty closely matched when we ride but the difference in our winter ‘pain’ I think is showing.  I only mention this in order to push that pain barrier for the next ride James!

Springtime on the thawing lake.

Ride and enjoy, ride to have fun , don’t take it to seriously, push a little harder next time, bug your riding pal’s and remember “Life is good” or as the good Buddha  said “Life is suffering” .

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  1. James Warne says:

    Andy, Andy, Andy. You are so getting your arse kicked next ride mate! My warm indoor electronic thingy indeed. Mont Ventoux baby! I climbed Mont Ventoux!! Fancy a spin tomorrow morning guv’nor?

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