Just got word that the team jerseys should be here by the end of next week.  They are shipping from ATAC Sportswear in BC and the lady that I am dealing with is a hockey fanatic.  She signed her last correspondence with “Vancouver, home of the Stanley Cup”.  Of course I am hoping that it will indeed become the home of the Stanley Cup, but it might be a wee bit premature to name it as such.  Game three tonight.  Go Canucks!

While we’re on the subject of jerseys, I highly recommend ATAC Sportswear for your customized gear.  I actually have some jerseys from the 2005 Race Across America that are still in great condition despite having ridden some 10,000+ on my back.  The colours are still bright, there are no holes, and they have retained their shape.  They are also competitively priced and provide a relatively easy to use online ordering experience.  I have to say that all contact with their staff has been very professional and they clearly value the client.

So, if you’re interested in getting your own riding clobber made up, visit them at

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